The Warning: Accident at Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Omen for the Age of Terror

The Warning An account of the accident at the nuclear power plant at Three Mile Island, based on interviews with key personnel, details the disastrous combination of mechanical failure and human error that nearly led to a reactor meltdown.

By 6:00 a.m. on the morning of March 28, 1979, the reactor core at Three Mile Island was thirty minutes away from a meltdown, an apocalypse that would render a huge swath of eastern Pennsylvania permanently uninhabitable. The control room crew was at a loss. The memo that would have warned them was never sent.

This factual, riveting thriller is based on exclusive interviews with key operating personnel. Mike Gray, author of The China Syndrome, and Ira Rosen, producer for CBS's 60 Minutes, have updated this jackhammer narrative of mechanical failure and human error with an analysis of the current threats to our nuclear power plants.

The reprint incorporates information about renewed discussions about energy and the environment, and energy alternatives; current thinking on nuclear energy in light of 9-11 and increased terrorism; and a new, final chapter on Three Mile Island itself, where new facts are still being unearthed. Accessible to general readers concerned with current energy issues.

"Essential and fascinating reading for anyone interested in the dilemmas posed by nuclear power." -- Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes

"This book is as explosive as the explosion it warns us about. It is as suspenseful as a good novel." -- Studs Terkel

"A ripping thriller, made more compelling by the fact that it is true." -- Jack Anderson, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist